Genome is a community that moves human evolution forward. We help create a future that is safer, and more exciting and fulfilling. Our members have the knowledge and intuition to feel the rhythm of progress and anticipate social and technological trends. 
Genome partners have formidable managerial competence and a wealth of entrepreneurial experience, as well as strong intuition.

Aleksander Voloshin


Aleksander Smbatyan

Founder, CEO

Valery Ilyinsky

CEO Genotek

Anna Shayhutdinova

CEO Profilum

Denis Yudchits

CEO Mobile Medical Technology


Genome is an innovative business that changes the game in human capital development. 
Since 2016 we focus mainly on EdTech & Smart City Tech.
SmartCity Tech is there to free people up from the mundane, and help them develop their innate abilities and fulfill their dreams. Smart City technologies make transactions and transportation faster, help people customise their environments, and make them more effective. As a result, individuals have more time to focus on themselves, their identity and aspirations.
With EdTech, Genome supports early talent spotting, models professions of the future, builds customized learning products, all to help each and everyone fulfill their potential.    

Our Companies

Genome helps each participant: inventors, investors, entrepreneurs and employees fulfill their dreams. 
We give hands-on help with creating and growing companies, be it building a top-notch team, managerial and marketing expertise, legal and financial assistance, introduction to investors and buyers, communication and GR.  
Genome is committed to developing human capital and we welcome anyone who shares this passion.

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